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The Rays on WBC Provisional Rosters


Player Country
Balfour AUS
Garza MEX
Howell USA
Iwamura JPN
Kazmir USA
Longoria USA
Navarro VEN
Pena DOM

This information courtesy of's provisional rosters. Team Canada is going to be awesome, just a few names: Phillippe Aumont, Eric Cyr, R.J. Swindle, Pete LaForest, George Kottaras, Stubby Clapp, Pete Orr, Joey Votto, Jason Bay, Matt Stairs, Mark Teahen, and the other Rays connection: Adam Stern.

You'll remember him from the whole Rays/Sox mini-feud in 2006. At the trade deadline, the Rays suspected Boston tampering with Julio Lugo. Naturally, the Rays interfered when the Orioles and Red Sox attempted to swap Stern and Javy Lopez. The Rays claiming of Stern gave Rays fans a reason to say, "Take that!" Stern would naturally be removed from waivers, and instead be sent to Baltimore in October as a player to be named later.