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Arbitration Thread

Another update from Navarro's agent:

"We were close, but we couldn't get the deal done,'' said Navarro's agent, Kendall Almerico. "I'm willing to continue to talk until the hearing, but that requires the Rays wanting to talk. My expectation is that we will be willing to be listen and they will not be willing to talk.''

Assuming team policy doesn't suddenly change, the Rays will head to arbitration hearings with Navarro and Aybar.

Update: Heater

Jason Bartlett signs for ~1.98 million.

Update: Heater

Rays officials are continuing negotiations with their three arbitration eligible players right up to their self-imposed deadline in an effort to avoid going to a hearing.

"We've made some pretty signficiant progress,'' the agent for C Dioner Navarro, Kendall Almerico, said a few minutes ago.

R.J. explained the arbitration process below and today is the "deadline" for the Rays and their players to come to an agreement. It's not an official deadline, but one set by the Rays front office. If they do not come to terms with an arbitration eligible players by noon today, they will break off talks and wait for a hearing in February. The Rays have three players "unsigned": Jason Bartlett, Willy Aybar and Dioner Navarro. As of last night all three looked to be headed to arbitration. We will update this thread until the deadline. Here is the latest from the Heater:

 “The latest update is that I think we’re done talking,’’ Kendall Almerico, Navarro’s agent, said. “Right now, it’s not going to happen and it looks like we’re going to a hearing. We’re working at it but it looks like it’s not going to happen.’’

Bartlett said Monday night he hadn't heard anything about a settlement yet; Aybar's representatives did not return an e-mail.

Rays officials said they did not expect any news Monday night; it's possible talks could resume in the morning.

 "Our goal is always to avoid a hearing with each player, and we will continue working toward that effort until we file numbers," senior vice president Gerry Hunsicker said about 9 p.m. "Once we file, however, our policy is to let an arbitrator decide the case.''

As R.J. noted, Friedman has only had two arbitrations and won both of them against Josh Paul. I'd love to listen in on the Jason Bartlett hearing.