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Middle Relievers Are Overrated

Of the 135 relievers who threw at least 50 innings:

Wins Pitchers %
4+ W 1 0.74
3+ W 3 2.22
2+ W 14 10.4
1+ W 47 34.8
0+ W 115 85.2
Negative 20 14.8

Yes, you are reading that correctly. There were more negative value types than 2+ win types. Unless you are paying for a relief ace (and there doesn't appear to be too many of those), you may as well non-roster invite a bunch of promising arms and have a cheap and interchangeable bullpen.

Mariano Rivera was the lone 4+ W reliever. He had perhaps the best season of his closer career, which is saying a lot. He was worth 4.2 wins, equal to James Shields.

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