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Rays Projected OBP

Edit: click this to see the full graphs.

These numbers are generated from career OBPs and are projected over 600 plate appearances. I didn't want to use one year of data nor minor league data, which explains Evan Longoria and Matt Joyce's absence. I'm also not high on using Shawn Riggans, but oh well. Of course, we still have "bench" players to cover, like such:

Yeah, that's the problem with small (and poor) sample sizes. On the positive side, if you have someone willing to bet on Zobrist and Riggans on-base percentages, you could probably make nice coin betting "over".

Put as much weight into these as you would any career numbers, this isn't a "hardcore projection", but rather a different way of presenting data while giving math's perspective on probability. I have a feeling a lot of these players will outdo these.