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Matt Silverman Speaks on Region


Silverman's real business message seems pretty clear to me. It was a once-in-a-lifetime season we can all enjoy. Let's hope that "magic continues," as he put it, as we approach the 2009 season. But the longer-term success of the Rays franchise -- the business of owning a baseball team -- will depend not only on the Rays attracting a more committed fan base from a broader geographic area. It will require the Tampa Bay area to embrace itself as a more unified business region. The other 29 Major League Baseball teams operate in 26 markets, and each one considers itself a single metropolitan entity. Can that happen here?

St. Pete Times - Venture Blog

Unfortunately, attendance is probably going to be a bigger story to most than the Rays, but if you can't knock the team, knock the fans, or the stadium, or whatever else. Haters will always find something.

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