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USA Today and Bullpens

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The Rays are heavily mentioned:

The group the Rays used in the playoffs all joined the team in June 2006 or later. The low-profile Nelson fits right into a bullpen that Maddon mixed and matched to a pennant, a versatile collection whose highest-paid member was closer Troy Percival, who was paid $4 million and missed the playoffs with back problems that could linger into 2009.

And then there's this:

"There are guys out there," says San Diego Padres GM Kevin Towers, who prefers limiting spending on relievers yet usually has a strong bullpen. "You have to put them in the right situation. Bullpen depth is almost as important as quality."

That's not entirely true, at least the last sentence, as Sky showed a while back:

The Three 3.75 Relievers
(4.75 - 3.75) * 72 / 9 * (2.0 + 1.5 + 1.25) = 38 leveraged runs saved

The Stud Reliever With Two Shmucks
(4.75 - 2.50) * 72 / 9 * 2.0 + two nothings = 36 leveraged runs saved

Regardless, it's a decent read that approaches the volatile nature of relief staffs.