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Rays Pursuing Brian Shouse

I mentioned him in early November as someone that made sense when i said:

This seems to mean that free talent (see: cheap, undervalued, ect.) is on the way to the Rays LOOGY spot. Assuming James Houser Jr. isn't ready quite yet, I could see Brian Shouse (high GB%, .~.400ish OPS v. LHB, better tRA than Miller) as an option. Miller wasn't awful, but the Rays can do better for cheaper.

Today it appears the Rays are making a "strong run" at him.

The Rays are making a strong run at free-agent left-hander Brian Shouse, whose performance against left-handed hitters last season was nothing short of spectacular. Shouse, 40, held left-handed hitters to a batting average/on-base/slugging line of .180/.196/.290 while pitching in relief for the Brewers, striking out 28 and issuing only two walks in 104 plate appearances against him ...

His career numbers are pretty good, as he's held lefties under a .600 OPS, but he shouldn't be used against righties. Shouse is a type-B free agent, meaning the Rays would give up nothing to sign him,  and given his advanced age and the lack of interest in most left-handed relievers, I'm guessing a one-year, sub-2 million dollar deal can be worked out, which is exactly what he's worth.

This all but guarantees that if the Rays carry a LOOGY this year, it will be a former Brewer -- either Shouse or Randy Choate.