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Smart Teams v. Less Smart Teams

Smart: Signing a DH to a short length deal.

Less smart: Signing a player who should DH to a short length play left field.

Smart: Foreseeing the market's supply of near-equal corner outfield types and waiting for prices to dictate such.

Less smart: Jumping the gun to "set the market", and ending up overpaying.

Smart: replacing a black hole with a nice bat.

Less smart: Replacing a nice bat (and poor fielder) with an older, worse, and more expensive version of said player.

Smart: Not giving up a draft pick.

Less smart: Not offering arbitration, and giving up a first round draft pick for a 36-year-old.

Smart: Obviously.

Less smart: Well...


Smart: Signing Pat Burrell for 2/16.

Less smart: Signing Raul Ibanez for 3/30.