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Burrell Wrap

So, um. We may have went overboard in posting. Between January 5th at midnight and Jan 6th at 2 AM DRB saw 10 new posts go up and a handful of fanshots posted. Rather than point you towards the archives, this post is going to link to each with a summary of the post's content, that way if you're just now tuning in, you don't have to dig through each post to find Burrell information.

Original content:

Rays/Burrell Close - The "official" signing thread with immediate reaction.
Let Me Upgrade You - A look at what the signing does for the Rays.
Projecting the Position Players - How much WAR do the Rays have now?
Smart Teams v. Less Smart Teams - A.K.A Pat Burrell > Raul Ibanez
In Case You Were Wondering - Burrell's offensive ranks.
Perspective - The Rays history with big-time free agent signings.

BBTF on Burrell Deal
Keith Law
Rob Neyer
David Cameron
Peter Bendix
Pat Burrell's Condo

Also worth noting: nearly 60% of voters chose Pat Burrell in our last DH poll.