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Sonnanstine vs. Radke At Age 25

Hat Tip to Brickhaus for bringing this comparison to my attention. 

Much like our own Andy Sonnanstine, Brad Radke wasn't blessed with "stuff", but he made a good career out of being a smart pitcher.  I took a quick look at the numbers for Sonnanstine's first full season and Radke at the same age. Here are the results

Age 25 Sonnanstine Radke
FIP 3.91 3.90
ERA 4.38 4.30
K/9 5.77 6.15
BB/9 1.81 1.72
K/BB 3.35 3.40
HR/9 0.98 0.97
H/9 9.90 10.08
BAA 0.280 0.283
WHIP 1.29 1.31

It is amazing to see how the two "finese righties" are alike. From age 24-31, Radke had an average FIP of 3.96. That's not super star level, but it's very good for a pitcher with pedestrian stuff. Hopefully, we can expect the same from Sonnanstine.