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A Few Words on Gabe Kapler

Don't Google image search "Gabe Kapler" if you want to maintain a sense of dignity.

Last three years of WAR:

2005 0.3
2006 0.2
2008 1.7

Plate appearances in those years:

2005 104
2006 147
2008 245

Primary position and UZR rates over those years:

2005 RF 6.9
2006 RF 5.1
2008 CF 5.3

Earlier today, on J.P. Peterson's radio show, Andrew Friedman alluded that Upton may not be ready by opening day. If that's the case, and the Rays don't feel Fernando Perez or Gabe Gross are enough, it would make some sense to bring Kapler in. Upon Upton's up-townish return, Kapler could slide in as the fourth outfielder, leaving Perez in Durham and Gross elsewhere.

Frankly, let's forget that scenario and just have Upton be healthy.