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In The News: Hinske, Burrell, Gomes....

First from Jon Heyman

The Red Sox had been looking at Eric Hinske. But he may not be a perfect fit now that they probably need a centerfielder. Hinske had a terrific year with the Rays in 2008 (20 home runs) but is caught up in a market flooded with power hitters. At least one team in Japan has allegedly shown interest in him.

The Rays don't expect to do anything major after Pat Burrell's bargain signing for $16 million over two years. His other offers were generally for $5 million over one year. So it's hard to blame him for jumping on the Rays' offer, even if it meant taking a 40 percent pay cut.

I'm kind of glad the Rays "overpaid" to get the guy they wanted. And did Hinske really have a "terrific year" just because he hit 20 home runs?

And from Dejan Kovacevic

On a free-agency front that is getting increasingly thin on right-handed, power-hitting outfielders, Huntington said the Pirates are looking at players in the comeback mold.

The remaining free agents who fit that bounce-back profile are Emil Brown, who batted .244 with 13 home runs for the Oakland Athletics; Craig Monroe, who batted .202 with eight home runs for the Minnesota Twins; and Jonny Gomes, who batted .182 with eight home runs for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Bill Chastain says the roster is set at least for position players

Locks for outfield spots are: Carl Crawford, B.J. Upton, Gabe Gross, and Pat Burrell (who will be the team's DH), leaving Fernando Perez and Matt Joyce to vie for the final spot.

The infield will be: Evan Longoria, Jason Bartlett, Akinori Iwamura, and Carlos Pena, with Ben Zobrist as the backup shortstop sharing utility duties with Willy Aybar.

Catching duties will go to Dioner Navarro and Shawn Riggans.

Is Gabe Gross really a lock? He's just so average.