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MLB Releases Report on 2008 Drug Testing

I ran across a report today which was released by Major League Baseball with some details of their drug testing policy. The report covers the 2007-2008 MLB off-season all the way through the end of the 2008 MLB Playoffs. Here are some of the numbers

  • 3486 tests were conducted on players who are on the 40 man roster for Major League clubs.
  • 19 cases were reported that "resulted in discipline" including five for Peformance Enchancing Drugs and 14 for banned stimulants such as Adderall
  • There were 114 exemptions granted for "Theraputic Uses" including the following:
    • 106 for Attention Deficit Disorder
    • 3 for Hypertension
    • 3 for Hypogonadism
    • 1 for Post-Concussion Syndrome
    • 1 for Metabolic Myopathy