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Tampa Bay Rays Arizona Fall League Update: Pitchfx Data on Heath Rollins

We talked about Heath Rollins on Thursday night, and over the weekend he was the lone Rays arm to enter the game against Surprise. He only threw 14 pitches, but that's 14 data points of pitchfx data that we'd otherwise be without. Not a ton to learn or lean on, mind you, still better than nothing.


Rollins Avg MPH H-Break V-Break
Fastball 90.8 -5.6 7.5
Curve 78.8 5.9 -5.2
  • Rollins threw mostly fastballs and topped out at roughly 92 miles per hour. He sat 89-91.
  • Speaking of his fastball, it definitely appears he throws a two-seamer and either a four-seamer or cutter.
  • He threw three curveballs, two went for strikes. The pitch sits 78-80 and has good vertical drop and movement away from righties.
  • Only one of the 14 pitches was swung on and missed and that happened to be a fastball.

Hopefully more data to come, preferably from Matt Gorgen and Paul Phillips.