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CHONE is the Winner

Remember this post? If not:

PECOTA 92 wins, third.

CHONE 88 wins, third.

THT 92 wins, third.

Marcel 89 wins, third.

ZiPS 90 wins, third.

CAIRO 91 wins, third.

I preached that the projected differences could easily swing during 162 games, and well, they did: the wrong way. Instead of 95 wins we'll wind up with what appears to be an 84-78 record. Disappointing but not depressing.

How can the Rays improve? What is their true talent level? Where should we set the number of expected wins? Answers to these questions and more in the coming weeks. For now, relax. It's been a long and at times trying season. The best news is New York probably won't win 103 next year.