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Andy Sonnanstine and Babe Ruth

Slowinski asked what the Rays should do with Andy Sonnanstine last week. It's pretty obvious. The team needs a new catcher. I don't have to put two and two together for you.

Now the concerns are pretty obvious. Can Sonnanstine catch? Of course he can. Look at how many times he's caught a throw from the catcher back to the mound. Can he hit? Of course he can. He has a .364 wOBA for his career. Plus, you don't need stats to know that Sonnanstine possesses a natural affinity for the wooden instrument of cowhide destruction. Can he throw? Yes. Not hard, but that's never stopped Gregg Zaun.

Some would say "But Brooks Kieschnick tried and failed at being both" and they would be correct. But Brooks Kieschnick was never as good of a pitcher as Sonnanstine is. Plus, Babe Ruth did it, and Sonnanstine has far more in common with Ruth than Kieschnick. Just ask Gary Glover who played with both. As for the Ruth connections, ask Greg Norton who played against Ruth on many a Boston Braves teams, or you could just connect the other chains to the Babe.

For instance. Glover played with Sonnanstine and also with Jose Canseco on the 2001 White Sox, who played with Tommy John  on the 1985 A's, who played with Dicky Donovan on the 1964 Indians, who played with Ray Mueller on the 1951 Boston Braves, who played with Ruth on the 1935 Braves. Or, if that one isn't good enough for you, how about Chris Richard, who played with Eric Davis, who played with Pete Rose, who played with Joe Nuxhall, who played with Ray Mueller?  Need more? Sonnanstine played with Scott Kazmir who played with Fred McGriff, who played with Phil Niekro, who played with Gus Bell, who also played with Ray Mueller.

Really, this is just a long-misguided attempt to advertise the B-Ref Chain of Teammates toy. If anyone's bored, just punch in a few names and watch how many chains there really are. B.J. Upton connects with Satchel Paige, Carl Crawford rather easily with Tim Raines Sr., and Grant Balfour with Wally Pipp. It's a nice time waster if nothing else.