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Evan Longoria Wins Gold Glove; Carl Crawford & B.J. Upton Robbed Once More

What I'm about to say has absolutely no bearing on Evan Longoria's accomplishment. He is one of the few winners of the mark of "defensive excellence" that actually deserves to be crowned. Here's what the Rays presser had on Longo:

"It's the one award that I've wanted to win since I started pro ball," Longoria said.  "I take a lot of pride in my defense, so this award is very special to me.  It's humbling to have your name associated with some of the great players who have won a Gold Glove, especially the third basemen.  I would like to thank the managers and coaches who voted for me and I'd also like to thank Carlos Peña.  We all know how good he is.  He probably saved me at least five errors this year so without him the award might not have been possible."

Since 1990, only seven players have won a Gold Glove at a younger age than Longoria:

Player, Team                  Year(s)                  Age(s)

Ken Griffey, Jr., SEA      1990-91-92-93      20-21-22-23

Ivan Rodriguez, TEX     1992-93-94-95      20-21-22-23

Andruw Jones, ATL       1998-99-2000       21-22-23

Roberto Alomar, TOR   1991                      23

Scott Rolen, PHI            1998                      23

Eric Chavez, OAK          2001                      23

Jeff Francoeur, ATL       2007                      23

Evan Longoria, TB               2009        23

That being said, Carl Crawford and B.J. Upton deserved it nearly as much and neither wins one yet again. The managers and coaches vote on these things and it's just insane to think they have a good grasp on who is and who is not a good defender based on - at most - seeing 18 games against these players. It's purely reputation based and even then they get it wrong.

Instead of Crawford and Upton, Adam Jones and Torii Hunter win the two non-Ichiro awards. I won't fake disgust because these, like the other awards, are absolutely meaningless when it comes to honest player valuation, but someone please make sense of this:

Flawed mainstream:


Upton 4

Crawford 4

Jones 5

Hunter 1

Fielding Percentage

Upton .990

Crawford .988

Jones .986

Hunter .997


Upton 6

Crawford 6

Jones 9

Hunter 2

Less flawed and esoteric:


Upton 11

Crawford 17.6

Jones -4.7

Hunter -1.4


Upton -1

Crawford 18

Jones -11

Hunter 4

Fans Scouting Report positional ranks

Upton 5th

Crawford 2nd

Jones 25th

Hunter 13th


Player E F% A UZR Dewan Fans Average
Upton 2 2 2 2 3 2 2.2
Crawford 2 3 2 1 1 1 1.7
Jones 4 4 1 4 4 4 3.5
Hunter 1 1 4 3 2 3 2.3


Hooray for the human element.