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A Free Agency's Eve Update on Milton Bradley

BNightengale: #mlb The Tampa Bay #Rays have become the clear-cut favorite to acquire Milton Bradley

This seems to indicate there was a time when the Rays weren't the frontrunner to acquire Bradley. Everything that can be written about this potential swap has been written. Free agency starts tomorrow and today the Cubs re-signed John Grabow for $7M over two years. That should tell you two things: A) the Cubs have their checkbooks out and B) they aren't afraid to waste some money.  To be blunt, I'm tired of waiting on this thing to happen. I've got articles about how B.J. Upton is going to be a horrible influence on Bradley waiting to go. Just spend some cash and make the goat go away. That's how it works, right?

For those wondering, Burrell's CHONE projection is 10 runs worse than Bradley.