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Rays Family Tree: Dead Trade Strings of 2003 Pt 1

1997 Trade: Brian Boehringer and Andy Sheets for John Flaherty (GFA 2003)


The Rays selected Brian Boehringer, a 28-year-old right-handed reliever from the Yankees in the 1997 expansion draft. 1997 was his best year with the Yanks compiling a FIP of 3.98 with a career best K/9 of 9.9 in 48 IP.

Andy Sheets, a 26-year-old utility-man was also selected by the Rays in the expansion draft away from the Mariners with whom he posted a 2 season slash of .216/.279/.332. He was packaged immediately with Boehringer and shipped to the Padres for catcher John Flaherty.

John "Flash" Flaherty was a 30 year old catcher who had posted a 2 year slash with the Padres of .284/.324/.411.

Post Trade:

John Flaherty would play through the 2002 season with the Rays before being granted free agency. His line over that time was .252/.289/.365. He would play 3 seasons for the Yankees before retiring and joining the YES network to do analyst work for the Yanks.

Brian Boehringer spent 3 years with the Padres before becoming a free agent. During that span he posted an ERA of 3.91 with a FIP somewhere north of 5. He had a few other uninteresting stints in the bigs but was out of MLB for good by 2004. Currently he is serving as Jack Wilson's personal infield instructor.

Andy Sheets would play 1 season with the Padres upping his slash to .242/.318/.407. The Padres would then pair him with minor leaguer Gus Kennedy, who never made it past A+ ball to the Angels for infielder Phil Nevin and minor leaguer Keith Volkman.

Volkman never made it to AA, but Nevin played into 2005 with the Padres with an impressive slash of .288/.359/.503 during those 7 seasons. He was eventually traded to Texas for Chan Ho Park and cash.

Park made 21 starts for San Diego in 2006 and was largely ineffective going 7-7 with a 4.82 FIP. He was granted free agency following the season ending the Padres John Flaherty string.