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A Brief Rundown on Rays Rumors; Reid Brignac, Yorvit Torrealba, Carl Crawford, and Milton Bradley

Lazy morning, let's recap some rumors (rumors!) that were ignored because of the holiday weekend.

The Jays called about Reid Brignac

As have other teams, I'm sure. No use in speculating too much about what the Rays asked from the Jays in exchange, but realistically? Probably a package headed by Brandon League or Jason Frasor. These talks are reminiscent of the Julio Lugo talks way back which involved names like League and Ricky Romero amongst others.  The differences are A) Brignac is younger with more service time and B) the Rays are the team dealing for immediate results. Of course the Jays turned around and signed Alex Gonzalez which would signal they're not interested - at the moment, at least - in continuing talks for the lefty.

The Rays have called Yorvit Torrealba

And most other catchers on the market, I'm sure. Torrealba has carved out a niche for himself over the last four seasons as a reserve catcher for the Rockies. He was paid nearly four million bucks last season and an inflated BABIP lead to his best offensive season in years. He generally throws out more than the 14% he did last season, so maybe the two extremes wash each other out. He doesn't have a platoon split and he actually hit for less power last season than any other season in his career. Nevertheless, odds are he's going to cost more than the Rays should pay for a back-up catcher.

Latest on Carl Crawford

My source says Crawford is interested in playing baseball in 2010 and beyond.

Latest on Milton Bradley

The Rays want the Cubs to pay for a lot of the contract, the Cubs would rather not yet want to move the pariah.

That about does it for now.