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AFL Rays Player Updates

As previously, noted the Rays have 4 pitchers throwing for the Phoenix team in the Arizona Fall League, along with middle infielder Shawn O'Malley and catcher Nevin Ashley. Here is a stats update through Tuesday's game. Please keep in mind this is an extreme hitter's league and these are extremely small sample sizes.




League Average 0.284 0.363 0.444 0.807
Shawn O'Malley 0.319 0.396 0.34 0.737 47
Nevin Ashley 0.359 0.395 0.615 1.011 39


-O'Malley is who we thought he was. He led the Florida State League in On-Base-Percentage with a slugging percentage dangerously close to his batting average. That means he is basically the king of the swinging bunt. He was also named the Organizational Base Runner of the Year or the OBRY.

-Ashley has been a very pleasant surprise at the plate to all except for Jamie Cevallos, Ben Zobrist's Swing Mechanic who has been working with Ashley. He was the Organizational Defensive Player of the Year or the ODPY. Not bad for a catcher, where you can put up with mediocre offense more so than other positions. Ashley hit a walkoff grand slam in a Fall Ball game.



IP H /9 HR/9 BB/9 K/9
League Average 10.1 0.98 4.2 7.81
Mitch Talbot 14.2 12.68 1.27 1.27 5.7
Paul Phillips 6.1 10.33 0 5.9 4.43
Heath Rollins 6.1 20.66 1.48 2.95 5.9
Matt Gorgen 4.2 23.57 2.14 8.57 15


There's nothing too exciting here. Strikeout numbers have been dismal outside of Gorgen who has an artificial boost from giving up so many hits. Hopefully, they can improve on these numbers. Gorgen has been named to the Fall Ball Rising Star Game roster which will be played this weekend.