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Carl Crawford, Brian Shouse, Gregg Zaun, and Russ Springer Each Receive Type-B Status

Per Ed Price.

Crawford won't reach free agency, Zaun and Shouse have options which may be declined, and Springer is a true free agent. The questions now are whether any of them will be offered arbitration in order to gain a supplemental round compensation pick. Given his age (and potential salary) it seems rather unlikely Shouse gets offered. The same can probably be said for Springer. We'll see though.

Some more thoughts:

  • LaTroy Hawkins is a Type-A free agent. He will cost some team a first round pick if they decide (for whatever reason) they need him. Adrian Beltre is a Type-B and won't cost a pick. You know, I really cannot wait until someone like Boston focuses on adding Beltre for less than his market value and then doesn't have to give up a pick to get him. Please Phillies, win him for us.
  • Chan Ho Park, Kiko Calero, and Brandon Lyon are Type-B free agents.
  • Billy Wagner, Jose Valverde, Mike Gonzalez, Octavio Dotel, Rafael Soriano, Kevin Gregg, and John Grabow are Type-As. 
  • Jason Kendall, Jason Varitek, and Rod Barajas hold the same compensation type as Carl Crawford. No, really.