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Reaction to Roy Halladay Trade and Mike Cameron Signing

Roy Halladay Likely Getting Dealt

Toronto gets some prospects, Halladay gets a realistic shot at pitching in the World Series, and Seattle gets Cliff Lee. This one is a win for the Rays because it gets perhaps the best pitcher in the division out into that other league and eliminates any chance of him becoming a Red Sox or Yankee ace within 12 months.

Selfish thought: "Boy I hope Michael Saunders is dealt so the Mariners have to sign Gabe Gross to replace him."

Boston Signs Mike Cameron

During the 2008 season, some bozo on local radio compared B.J. Upton to Cameron as if that would be a bad thing. Cameron's career has been a thing of beauty. Since 2002 he's posted five seasons worth 4 or more wins and 30 wins overall. He's one of the best defensive center fielders we've seen, and yeah, he strikes out a lot. Sue him for being awesome but not super radical. The bad news is he's probably better than Jason Bay, the good news is that he's not Matt Holliday. Unfortunately he came cheaper than he should've too.

Selfish thought: "I cannot wait until silly Boston fans boo Cameron and Drew; two of the most underrated outfielders of the 2000s."