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Report: "Milton Bradley will be traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for Pat Burrell"

Somethings just never die: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and the Milton Bradley to Tampa Bay trade rumors are just some examples. Recently, things have cooled down on the Bradley front. I feel like it's almost been a week since we had a "Bradley deal imminent" story posted. Fear not, Bruce Levine of ESPNChicago has us covered.

Sooner or later, and most likely as soon as this week, beleaguered Milton Bradley will be traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for Pat Burrell.

The grain of salt rule applies as we've heard this same story about 100 times now. Levine also brings up the difference with dollars, which we all know is the biggest hurdle this trade must overcome.

However, the perception the Cubs will have more money to spend on free agents and trades by moving Bradley is false. Bradley and Burrell will make $9 million in 2010 -- that's a wash -- whatever money Jim Hendry saves on Bradley's 2011 contract will not impact $1 of his 2010 payroll. Bradley's owed $12.5 million in 2011. If Hendry can save $6.5 million by eating $6 million, that will only help the person running the 2011 team

It seems like this is pure speculation on Levine's part, but if the Cubs are only willing to pick up $6 million of the 2011 tab, then this deal won't get done. The Rays already stretched the 2010 budget for Rafael Soriano. I doubt they would want to carry $6+ million for Bradley on the 2011 books.

In the end, it seems like nothing has changed since late September.