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Report: Player to be Named Later for Kelly Shoppach is Either Mitch Talbot or Joseph Cruz

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Any speculation on who we're going to get for Kelly Shoppach?
-- Kevin K., Independence, Ohio

Though the Indians won't confirm who they have to choose from on or before the Dec. 20 deadline, I'm hearing it will be one of two right-handed pitchers -- Mitch Talbot or Joseph Cruz

This comes down to whether the Indians want immediate help in the form of Talbot or higher upside with a higher chance of burn out in Cruz. I'm a big fan of Talbot and he's out of options. I'd hate to lose him, but I think it's a matter of when rather than if. Talbot has roughly three seasons of Triple-A under his belt now, and during his time with Durham he's posted FIP of 4.0, 3.03, and 3.55. He is right-handed and his fastball sits in the low-90s, but his change-up is reportedly an above average pitch. He throws strikes and he'll be cheap for a number of years to come.