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A Site Announcement

When Tommy first took over the site, one of his goals was to land one million visits during the 2009 year. Lofty, for sure, considering throughout its first four years barely one million visits had been achieved. I was skeptical, but we pushed towards it and to make a boring story short, we're sitting on the cusp of a million hits. As in, sometime between now and next week we'll hit seven figures.

By no means are we the biggest draws on the network. I don't think it's realistic to expect, given that our fan base, while growing continuously, is barely a decade old and the team has a limited history. That's not sour, I think everyone should grasp onto the idea of being part of the history of this team. But it is what it is.

Rob Neyer, Repoz, Jonah Keri, to the Rays organization, to people who just check out the site everyday for whatever masochistic reasons ... thanks.