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Report: Rays Scout Kelvim Escobar In Venezuela

While the Milton Bradley rumor game (pun non intended) continues to produce little or no new news, Kelvim Escobar's game is just starting...literally. What we know so far is the Rays like Escobar. In return, Escobar likes the Rays too, but there are other teams involved; according to reports out of Venezuela it could be eight or nine teams. We also know that the Rays were one of eight teams to watch Escobar in a simulated game today. The Mets, who are rumored to be among the more aggressive suitors, were not one of the eight teams listed by Efrain Zavarce.

It's a simulated game so results are of no consequence. If I'm translating Zavarce's tweet right, in the first inning of the simulated game, Escobar threw his slider, change up and fastball with the fastball being consistently between 92 and 94 mph. If that report is accurate then Escobar's velocity is exactly where it should be; his average fastball is 93.4 career. He is scheduled to pitch in a live game this weekend in which the Rays will also attend. What happens after that is anyone's guess.