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A Brief Look at Pat Burrell's Projections

No need for intros. Here's the vital information:

Burrell 09 0.221 0.315 0.367 0.682
CHONE 0.223 0.338 0.395 0.733
ZiPS 0.23 0.337 0.415 0.752
Avg DH 09 0.255 0.337 0.443 0.78

The good news it that a bounceback is projected. The bad is that he stills figures to be a below average DH. Frankly, I'd be willing to take the over on the two projections combined OPS (~.740), but there are some folks around the game who think he's toast. Meanwhile, others cite the contract year breakout -- which I believe Between the Numbers all but outed as a myth. Regardless, here's a poll, have at it.