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Mitch Talbot is the Player to be Named Later


This wasn't unexpected in the least. Talbot is a fine young pitcher with a future ahead of him. Unfortunately for him, being placed as a non-elite starter in this organization when he did is the equivalent of being ... well , a non-elite third baseman within the organization for the next five-plus seasons. Yes, he could've moved to the bullpen, but in the end, he should get his chance with Cleveland.

The bright side here, not including Kelly Shoppach himself, is that the Rays won't lose Joseph Cruz and Talbot because of this deal. Consider that Talbot is out of options and it seems unlikely that he would've made the club out of spring training.  In the end, Aubrey Huff has resulted in Ben Zobrist and Kelly Shoppach being on the 2010 Rays, so that's neat.

Good luck Mitch, make us proud.