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Looking at John Sickels Prospect Rankings

Many people here are aware of the great work that John Sickels does over at his SBN site Minor League Ball.  For those that aren't, he takes a look at each individual team and then ranks that team's prospects on an ABC scale.  This is done through a series of stories based around each team.  The format is great for a series, but if you want to see all the prospects at once it can be very time consuming.  With this in mind I went ahead and created a spreadsheet so that everyone could have one source for all this great information. 

He is almost half-way done, so I will continue to update the sheet as more teams roll in, but for now, you can get a good look at the farm system of several of our competitors.  I have created a google.doc HERE if you just want to peruse the list, but I have also linked every player to their MiLB page in the spreadsheet.  The links will not show up on the google.doc so I highly encourage you to download the .xls spreadsheet MLB Prospects 2010 at this link.  Obviously, there will be broader implications once all the teams are done as we can start to assign values to each player and get an idea of relative farm team strength for Major League Baseball clubs. 

Note that the Rays have not been compiled yet, but after the jump I will give some links for past rankings.

2005 Prior

2005 in Review

2006 Prior

2006 in Review

2007 Prior

2008 Prior

2009 Prior

2009 in Review

Prior came in the winter leading up to that season, while the review took a look back at how those players fared during that season.  I wish I could find one of these for each season and if anyone else can please link in the comments. 

As I said, I will be updating this on the google.doc throughout the offseason so check back.  I plan to do another story like this once he has finished all the teams, but if you want my workbook with the links between now and then just shoot me an e-mail.