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Christmas Doesn't Come Early: Kelvim Escobar Signs With Mets

According to the Twitter account of Francisco Blavia it looks as if the New York Mets, and not the Rays, have signed Kelvim Escobar.  The Rays, Brewers, and Pirates also offered a contract.  No details of the deal are available yet, but the Mets will put him on the 40 man roster according to the report.

The tweets are translated to English, so it may be kind of rough around the edges:


Kelvim Escobar got his Christmas present: just come to an agreement with New York Mets. In brief details of the firm


The contract is of Great Leagues, reason why deberàn to place it in roster of 40. Milwaukee, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh also made supplies


So, uh, Merry Christmas?