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Tampa Bay Rays "In Mix" For Ivan Rodriguez

Perhaps no position on the Rays remains as unsettled as the catcher position. Even with the acquisition of Kelly Shoppach and the departure of Gregg Zaun, it's anyones guess as to who will be the Rays catcher opening day. Even after opening day, there is no indication whether the Rays are going with a primary catcher or a platoon split. Jon Heyman adds to the confusion today by tweeting that the Rays are one of four teams interested in the services of future hall of fame catcher Ivan Rodriguez.

The idea of Pudge in a Rays uniform is one that I've had for a while. Before the 2009 season, I even dedicated an entire post to the Rays signing him. The Rays did not, and instead Rodriguez started the season with the Houston Astros before being traded to the team where he made most of his headlines, the Texas Rangers. Making a modest $1.5 million dollar base in 2009, Rodriguez hit just .245/.280/.384. It's no secret that at his age, his best offensive days are behind him. Pudge hasn't had a wOBA season over .330 since 2006, but he's still pretty good defensively throwing out nearly 35% of runners in 2009. His splits do not to see to be matches Shoppach or Dioner Navarro.

With other teams like the Royals, Giants and Rangers involved, it's likely that he could see more playing time and receive more money in those situations, but you never know. The Rays haven't been as active in signings as the Braves or the Mets to this point, but given their reported interest in all these players it isn't from a lack of effort.