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New York Yankees Acquire Curtis Granderson; Detroit Tigers Acquire Max Scherzer; Arizona Diamondbacks Acquire Brain Damage

I don't want to bemoan the point too much, but this deal makes no sense for Arizona. Like, Josh Byrnes can tell everyone that King Zafuriack of the Hyereteian Empire forced him into it and even that would be more logical than the trade itself. Take a look at their part of this trade:

Going out: Max Scherzer, Daniel Schlereth

Coming in: Edwin Jackson, Ian Kennedy

Schlereth is a reliever. He's a former first round pick who struggles with walks but has bat-missing ability. Kennedy is a former "top" prospect. He throws a fastball in the low-90s and profiles as aback-end starter. Maybe more if everything breaks correctly.

Jackson is coming off the best season of his career. He posted a 4.39 xFIP (his previous three years were 5.03, 4.95, and 5.20 ... yeah.) but he only has two years of team control remaining and the pretty standard statistics will drive his arbitration costs up. Now, he's going to be in the NL West, which means a lower level of competition than say, the AL East, that should help with his numbers a little, but he's not a front of the line starter, and he's not better than Scherzer. No way, no how.

Scherzer is younger and has something like five cost controlled seasons left. His career xFIP is 3.71 and most people agree he's got room to improve. Potentially Arizona knows something the rest of us don't about his health habits or personal life, but even then, with that asymmetric knowledge you have to get something better than these cats named after dead presidents. But maybe I'm being too hard, maybe getting older, worse, and more expensive is totally undervalued on today's trade market.

This deal makes no sense for them. Detroit's side, I can understand. They need money and youth. They got money and youth. Good for them. New York, I get it. Granderson is something like a 3.5-4.5 win player most likely. Depends on what you think of his defense. He has a skill set that should age well, and while I'm thrilled Austin Jackson is gone, this definitely makes the Yankees better for the 2010 season.