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Report: Rays to Meet With LaTroy Hawkins

The Rays said they would be players in the relief pitching market, however, I didn't think that would include nearly every available warm body with arms attached. It is good to explore all available options and I'm assuming that's what all these rumors are about. The latest rumor comes to us via Jose De Jesus Ortiz who reports that the Rays among other teams have scheduled a meeting with free-agent LaTroy Hawkins.

Hawkins, who will turn 37 before the end of the month, is entering his 15th Major League season. He split the first 14 among seven teams including AL East brethren New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles. Both stops didn't end well. This past season he spent with the Houston Astros where he racked up a shiny 2.13 ERA in 65 appearances thanks to an LOB% of over 90. His FIP and xFIP are a bit higher, but still suggest he was an above average reliever for the Astros in the National League (if you get my drift).

Even at his advanced age, Hawkins still brings the heat (94.2 in 2009) and gets his fair share of ground balls. He also has "closer experience." While I don't mind the tire kicking, the fact that he had a nice ERA and hasn't made less than $2.8 million dollars since 2002 probably puts him out of the Rays price range.