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Tampa Bay Rays News and Rumors for December 9th: Andrew Friedman on the Market, Potential Interest in Reynel Pinto, Dioner Navarro Speculation, and More

Andrew Friedman

Bill Chastain with a nice article on the Rays willingness to be patient. This quote pretty much sums up winter meeting rumors as a whole:

"Each respective team or agent [they talk to about players], there's at least five teams that are hot and heavy [as far as their interest in that player]," said the Rays' executive vice president of baseball operations, with a twinkle in his eye. "So either we have really good taste, or we're not necessarily getting the straight scoop."

Matt Lindstrom/Reynel Pinto

An interesting addition to the usual Matt Lindstrom rumor, whether intentional or simply by association, is Chastain's inclusion of Marlins lefty Reynel Pinto.

Pinto, like Lindstrom, is arbitration eligible, which means the Marlins are more than eager to move him for something before losing him for nothing. A southpaw with the ability to miss bats, Pinto's biggest struggle throughout his 224 Marlins relief appearances has been his inability to consistently find the zone.  His strikeouts per nine is an impressive 8.65, however he's also walked 6 per nine. Factor in that he's always had issues with the long ball, and his track record is less stellar than the other options discussed to date. Certainly there seems to be some potential there, whether it ever comes out or not is to be seen.

Chastain also notes the Rays held trade talks with seven teams yesterday, but that nothing is imminent. Of course that can and has changed in the past. Especially when it comes to these last two nights.

Dioner Navarro

Both, Chastain and T.R. Sullivan mention the Rays as potential trading mates with the Texas Rangers. The reasoning: the Rangers wish to add another catcher, and the Rays have two attractive targets. The Rangers, meanwhile, have a number of bullpen arms that could interest the Rays. Personal favorite Darren O'Day and flame-throwing right-hander Pedro Strop are two names offered in speculation.