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Report: Tampa Bay Rays Trying to Trade for Atlanta Braves Reliever Rafael Soriano

This comes way of Ken Rosenthal's Twitter (H/T Jonah Keri):

@Ken_Rosenthal: Rays, Astros the teams trying to trade for R. Soriano.

Soriano was a Type-A before accepting arbitration. That would be great and all, but the Braves had already signed a Type-A reliever of their own (Billy Wagner) and added a new set-up man (Takashi Saito). Rather than paying the bills on three expensive relievers, and since they cannot trade Saito already, the Braves are looking to move Soriano instead as the rules permit such movement after an acceptance of arbitration.

Soriano is good. Very, very good. His career xFIP is 3.65 while his career FIP is even lower at 3.31. He strands runners at an above average rate, and avoids bats very well (74.3% contact for his career). Soriano is a flyball pitcher and he will cost some change next year. It'll be interesting to see whether the Rays can sweeten the pot by giving Atlanta enough so as to receive some financial help in return. 

Olney with this:

ATL asking for solid recent for Rafael Soriano, in addition to having other team pick up $. Unclear whether sometimes bites on asking price.

I'm assuming "sometimes" is suppose to be "someone".