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Report: Tampa Bay Rays/Atlanta Braves Could Finalize Rafael Soriano Trade Thursday Morning

This Tweet from David O'Brien of the AJC:

Sounds like Braves-Rays could finalize a Rafael Soriano deal as soon as tomorrow morning.

There's not much else to add at this point. No names have been mentioned as a return and last I heard (which was hours ago, mind you) other teams were still talking to Atlanta. If it happens, we'll analyze the specifics then. Don't get too hyped up about this, but also realize the Rays could very well be on the verge of adding a good reliever without giving up a first round pick.

Let's take this time to address Milton Bradley as well.

There's nothing new on that front. There hasn't been anything new in months. The Cubs have tried and tried again to bluff the Rays into jumping on a deal or roping another team into the proceedings and nothing has worked. The ol' ‘mystery team' card was successful, if you also consider aiming for India and hitting America a successful voyage and well ... hey, history books do. Good going Cubs, this is the first thing you've done worthy of a parade in over a century.