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Dioner Navarro Arbitration Results

The Results: The Rays win

Just got word from Dioner Navarro’s agent, Kendall Almerico, that the arbitration panel ruled in favor of the Rays. That means Navarro will make $2.1 million this season, $400,000 less than he had asked for.

It sounds like yesterday’s hearing wasn’t too contentious, as Almerico sent along this statement via text message:

“Navi wants to thank the Rays organization for making this a fair debate and for handling the hearing with class. He is very excited to report to spring training and is looking forward to helping the team get back to the World Series.”

We argued back and forth on this issue and basically we saw value in both offers. The Rays policy to not negotiate pass their self imposed deadline(other than a long term deal) worked out and saved the Rays $400k in salary. As for damaging the relationship, from Almerico's comments it seems that the Rays didn't hurt anyones feelings in the process.

Updated payroll table:

Player  2009
Crawford  8.25
Pena  8
Burrell  7
Kazmir  6
Percival  4.45
Bradford  3.5
Iwamura  3.25
Wheeler  3.2
Shields  1.5
Balfour  1.4
Nelson  1.3
Gross  1.25
Kapler  1
Price  0.75
Longoria  0.55
Niemann  0.4
Bartlett  1.9
Navarro  2.1
Upton  0.4
Sonny  0.4
Howell  0.4
Riggans  0.4
Zobrist 0.4
Shouse 1
Cormier 0.65

Total: 59 million.

That's without Aybar's new salary and an estimate on Shouse, although he likely stands to make more.

Links to DRB's coverage of the Arbitration cases.

Dioner Navarro's Arbitration Value

Navarro compared to Gerald Laird/Russell Martin

Navarro compared to John Buck/Yadier Molina