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Witch Hunts Are Fun!

  • Jason Bartlett joined some former teammates for batting practice.
  • Rays draftee Jamie Bagley was honored at his high school.
  • Matt Joyce is happy to be home. Andrew Friedman says:

"We think he has a chance to develop into a very good player and can help this team for many years," said Andrew Friedman, vice president of baseball operations, who traded pitcher Edwin Jackson for Joyce. "I'm not sure yet what type of impact he'll have in '09, but I feel like he will certainly contribute.

Lastly, someone give Bobby Fenton a radio show. Please. I'll put your ad on the sidebar, I'll do the show, I don't care what else you want, give the man a timeslot. I'll plug the damn thing everyday. There's dumbing things down and then there's downing your audience's intelligence. Guess where speculating on which Rays used PEDs falls.