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Rays in the New York Times, Again

Jack Curry:

“Our nucleus is intact,” Friedman said. “We feel like we really augmented the group we had.”

In Scott Kazmir, James Shields, Matt Garza and Andy Sonnanstine, the Rays have four starters who are 27 or under and who all won at least 11 games last year. David Price, a left-hander who was a superb bullpen weapon in the postseason, will eventually join them. But Freidman [sic] said “development is king” with Price and noted he has made only 20 professional starts. If Price opens the season at Class AAA, Jeff Neimann [sic] or Jason Hammel will probably be the fifth starter.

Same question as yesterday, different names: how many runs better (per nine) do you think Jeff Niemann is than Jason Hammel?

(For example, if you think Niemann is a 4.5 FIP type, and Hammel is a 5.5 type, then you would say ~1 run)