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Guess Who's Running for Mayor!

Most recently, she was an officer for the political action committee Preserve our Wallets and Waterfront, which rallied against the Tampa Bay Rays' downtown stadium plan. She cut ties with the group last month to run for mayor.

St. Petersburg Times

I'm sure she's a charming person.

Remember Rich Butler? Well, his brother, Rob, hates all steroid users:

Brother Rich played seven games with the Jays in 1997 and parts of two seasons with the Tampa Bay Devils Rays.

"Rich went to spring training with the Texas Rangers in 2000 and was sent out (triple-A Oklahoma City)," Rob said. "Now, it looks like he was competing against a lot of guys on steroids."

Edmonton Sun

See, now here's my problem. Nobody knows how much steroids affect numbers. Nobody. Butler is implying his brother makes the team if everyone is clean, but seriously, dude, your brother is Rich Butler. Look at his numbers. Look! Color me as unconvinced that Rich Butler makes that team whether half the team is using steroids or not.