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FanFest Reaction Open Thread and More

Consider this your open thread for FanFest pics, stories, complaints, whatever.


Here's some final links for you digestion:

A Dodgers blog poses the question: "Shouldn't Rays fans love the Dodgers?"

Per the Sporting News the best rotation in the American League resides in St. Pete.

More Friedman/Maddon quotes:

“We have depth in a number of different areas, and that was a big focus of ours last offseason. It paid dividends for us during the season and we kept with that approach this offseason,” Friedman said. “We’re going to have a lot of very talented guys in Triple-A, and we look at that as a positive.”

Finally, the NBA All-Star weekend is underway, follow along at 3QC, and NFL free agency isn't too far away, check up on that over at Buc'Em.