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February 15th Tampa Bay Rays Camp Notes

General statistics:

All 38 pitchers and catchers have reported.

14 of 23 positional players have reported.

60 of the 61 players are expected to report by Wednesday. The only exception is Akinori Iwamura.

Parking lots open at 8 A.M. tomorrow, gates open at 9 A.M. , players take the field at 9:30.

David Price 

On how to approach this season:

"Day by day, you know?  I've got high expectations and I'm sure the club has their own expectations for me.  It's spring training; it's time to get ready for the season.  It's going to be a competition with a couple of spots open throughout the entire team so there'll be competition within the team. 

On the chance of not being in the rotation:

"I want to be out there the first day.  That's what you have spring training for I'm out here to prove myself again.  That's what it's about; it's going to be a competition."

Troy Percival

On being able to handle the closer role:

"If I'm healthy, that's what I do.  To me, it's all I know.  It's just a matter of how my body is holding up and right now I feel better coming into camp than I did last year.  I'm a little behind as far as being in shape, but we're working on that right now.  I couldn't do a whole lot except sit on a couch for a month or so after surgery, so I'm doing a little catch-up that way." 

James Shields

On being the team to beat: 

"As far as I'm concerned, we're number one in this league right now.  And until the end of the season, nobody else can say otherwise.  I think we've got a really good team.  I think we've got a better team than last year with so many pickups that we had in the off-season."

Joe Maddon

On what will replace 9=8 and the team meeting before practice:

"I have not revealed it yet, so we can't go there.  Basically today I talked a lot about the things that have gotten us to last year.  Not necessarily the performance on the field, but about accountability and trust.  And this year I'd really like to promote thoughts of humility and gratitude.  I really believe that based on what we did last year it's really easy to slide.  You take things for granted.  You maybe think you're better than you actually are."