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Arriving Monday: The 2009 DRB Season Preview

Seriously, this is the final guide update. That's because we're going to be releasing it next Monday morning rather than next Wednesday morning as previously planned. In case it's not obvious, we finished ahead of schedule and have nothing else to add.Full table of contents:

Change Gonna Come by Marc Normandin

Introduction by R.J. Anderson

Dumping the Clichés by R.J. Anderson

The Top 10 Rays Pitching Performances of 2009 by Tommy Rancel

Community Projections

Major League Types

On Prospecting by Kiley McDaniel

Prospects, Ect.

Rays Fantasy Preview by Jason Collette

Fastball Craving and Bendy Thing Waving by R.J. Anderson

Crawford & Clemente by Tommy Rancel

The All-Time Rays Offensive and Defensive Teams by Tommy Rancel

The Best of Short Tidbits by R.J. Anderson


Statistical Glossary



The "Major League Types" and "Prospects, Ect." sections are the player comments.

Two other things we didn't tell you about:

- Tons of awesome photography from Richard Schaefer and Dennis Adair. This includes perhaps the best picture of all-time on the final page.

- Community projections compared to PECOTA/CHONE.


So yeah, Monday morning, probably 7 A.M., a post will go up with a link to the PDF.

I'm pretty sure we're going to put last year's to shame.