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Random Prospect Comparison: Matthew Moore & Scott Kazmir


Moore was born in June and Kazmir in January, so technically Moore's statistics are for his 17.5-18 and 18.5-19 seasons, but nonetheless, Moore's numbers look impressive in rookie ball when stacked up against Kazmir's Low-A ball numbers.


  • Left-handed.
  • 2007 eighth-round pick out of high school.
  • Throws mid-90s fastball and a power curve with late break.
  • Working on adding a change-up.


  • Left-handed.
  • 2003 first-round pick out of high school.
  • Threw mid-to-upper 90's coming out of high school with an overpowering slider. 
  • Was also working on adding a change-up.

Moore probably doesn't have the ceiling of Kazmir, but I can certainly see why so many prospect hounds are sniffing around his tree. It would take a few setbacks for Moore to not become a mainstay on prospect lists within the near future.