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B.J. Upton, Andrew Sonnanstine, and Matt Garza Sign New Contracts

  • Per the Rays, all players on the 40-man roster are now under contract for the 2009 season. No terms were released, but odds are Garza, Upton, and Sonnanstine will combine to make less money than Willie Bloomquist this season.
  • Also worth noting: we're 39 days (5.5 weeks) from the regular season opener in Boston.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the season is actually still going to continue as planned.
  • Unrelated to the Rays, but this delivery is insane
  • Marc Lancaster has tomorrow's lineup versus the Yankees posted:

Adam Kennedy 2B
Carl Crawford LF
Willy Aybar DH
Morgan Ensberg 3B
Ben Zobrist SS
Gabe Kapler CF
Chris Richard 1B
Shawn Riggans C
Justin Ruggiano RF
Wade Davis P

So that lineup looks pretty unexciting.