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Links and Such

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  • MSNBC with a story about spring training returning to Charlotte County. Fun fact:

"Initially, we'll order 700 dozen balls for spring training," Westmoreland said. "Port Charlotte is unique in that there are a lot of lakes around the facility so we may lose a little more than we have in the past."

  • Remember the Hit Show jingle? The creator is in the news.
  • Bluebird Banter ranks Fred McGriff as the 22nd best Blue Jay of all-time. In contrast, McGriff would have to rank top 10 for the Rays, maybe top 5, right?
  • David Price is a good person. 
  • This is always fun to see in a newspaper:

However, other observers see additional forces at work, primarily an industry-wide trend,in which teams place higher value on younger, cheaper talent, at the expense of older, pricier veterans. Teams have discovered that a 23-year-old making $500,000 can do the same job as a 35-year-old making $10 million

Teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland A's, who are usually non-spenders in the free agent market, have made some noise this offseason. Yet, a group of perennial all-stars remain available as the winter season ends and pitchers and catchers report soon. The following is a breakdown of the top signings this offseason as well as the top free agents still available.