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I'm Having a Scott Kazmir Related Relapse

So I'm working on this Kazmir piece for the season preview guide, and naturally I can't withhold some of this information for three weeks without going insane. So I'm going to post some of the info but not enough where you won't read it once it's released.

Red (or the biggest bar in each) is for fastball, green for slider, and light blue for change-ups. Kazmir throws about 70% fastballs no matter the amount of balls when he has two strikes. Speaking of the count, from left to right you have 0-2, 1-2, 2-2, and 3-2. Kazmir nearly goes into a fastball-coma when the count gets to 3-2. I imagine it goes like this:

Navarro flashes sign for a 3-2 slider with nobody on and the Rays up six in the fifth.

Kazmir shakes him off.

Navarro flashes the sign again.

Kazmir shakes him off.

Navarro comes to the mound "Come on Scott, slider."

"Eh, fine."

Navarro waddles back to the plate, Kazmir grabs rosin bag, glances up to Kane's scoreboard as the taste of pizza enters his mind. The taste of free pizza is a delicious memory.

Kazmir want pizza. Kazmir want pizza bad.

Throws fastball.

Wild pitch and a walk.

Scene loops.