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DRaysBay Season Preview Update

Last Friday we announced our intentions to go ahead with the DRaysBay 2009 Season Preview. After seven days we've made a ton of progress and everything is on schedule. Earlier this week, R.J. mentioned just some of the things we have as well as a list of the profiled players.  Now I'll let you in on a few of the other things we have going on.

  • A detailed guide to Prospecting by Kiley McDaniel
  • The complete report from R.J. on Scott Kazmir's slider usage
  • I take a look at how Carl Crawford stacks up to a certain Hall of Famer and if we can expect a power surge from CC.
  • A look at the top pitching performances from 2008
  • A list of international Rays prospects we should be paying attentioned to.
  • And much more. We will be teasing a few pieces here and there over the next two weeks to give you a sneak peak.