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The Florida Rays

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  • At least that's what a newspaper caption calls them. A local story about 2008 draftee Jacob Jefferies features this caption:

Jacob Jefferies, Florida Rays catcher and former St. Anthony student, talks with third-grade students, Brooklyn Haley and Ann Kreuscher.

The story is actually about Jefferies talking with children, as you could guess.

  • Another hometown article, this one about Gabe Gross.
  • A preliminary look at the Bowling Green Hot Rods new baseball park..
  • Meet the draftniks newest objection of affection, Bryce Harper.
  • Jared Sandberg is back with the Princeton Rays, and the article touches light on vision issues:

He played 55 games in ‘03, and then kicked around the minor leagues with five different teams, but never made it back to the big leagues. His career ended suddenly when his eyes would no longer allow him to play.

"All of a sudden your career ends rather abruptly, but then knowing that the disease had been going on for the past 10 years makes me understand why I had the numbers that I had as a player," Sandberg said. "It was tough for me to see."